“HONAR” apparel


Belarusian apparel ‘HONAR’

For many people being a Belarusian means wearing clothing with Belarusian prints reflecting our traditional style and cultural scent. Lately this tendency has adopted a massive impact. One may see more and more people in Belarus wearing apparel decorated with Belarusian ornaments.

The designers of the brand ‘HONAR’ have already established their reputation in the field of apparel offering to Belarusian trend-followers a wide range of items adorned with national ornaments. Most of the articles are handmade.

Recently the brand has opened a new show-room located in Kujbysheva 22, room 106 (Minsk). Here all the interested people may see the handmade items as well as learn more about the brand.

‘HONAR’ official facebook page:


Official website http://honar.by/ (under development).

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