GBL founding meeting in Vilnius was held on 31 August, 2013


The founding meeting of a non-commercial, non-partisan organization Global Belarusian Leaders (GBL) took place in the very heart of Lithuania – the City Hall of Vilnius on the 31 of August 2013.

Official video:

GBL Founding Meeting


GBL aims at development of trust and establishment of contacts between Belarusian professionals, representatives of Belarusian business, science, sports and other fields.

The main goal of the project is to unite all successful Belarusians into a unique network to enforce professional cooperation and collaboration through the development of the Advisor’s Program, reinforcing contacts between the leaders in different fields, and organization of local meetings and events, and creating closer networks of GBL members located in different countries.


It took one year to get prepared for the founding meeting. During that period the founders of GBL got to know dozens of successful leaders with Belarusian roots or affiliated to Belarus through their professional activity.

At the beginning of August, 2013, the working group of GBL had a list of about 40 guests, among which were outstanding Belarusian sportsmen, businessmen, scientists, representatives of Belarusian IT, tourism and culture.


The meeting was divided into two parts. The first part was dedicated to the discussion of the structure, goals and future GBL activities and took place on the campus of European Humanities University. The second part, focused on the official establishment and functioning of the organization, was held in the City Hall of Vilnius.

The spacious hall of the building was completely occupied by the guests and participants of the morning workshops and the participants of the United Students of Belarus initiative, established by the Eastern Europe Studies Center.

Among the guests were also the representatives of the diplomatic body of Lithuania, public activists and Belarusian journalists.


GBL received congratulations and birthday wishes from the ambassador of Lithuania in Belarus, Evaldas Ignatavicius, the president of Global Lithuanian Leaders Dalia Petkeviciene, Belarusian poet Valeria Kustova and many others.


The founding meeting ended by signing of the project of the Statute of the organization and an informal evening meeting during which the guests were able to exchange their professional contacts and get to know each other better.


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