Abandoned kids in Belarus


According to the official data there are more than 20.000 kids in Belarus who are in need of adoption and who are currently located in orphanages, hospitals and professional foster families.

Unfortunately, every year this number increases and there are many reasons for that:

- in Belarus the life conditions are far from being easy. Add to this economic instability and high rate of unemployment to complete the picture;

- the legal procedure of adoption is very tangled both for foreigners and Belarusians;

- support offered by the government to the families aiming to adopt is limited.

When adoption is not considered as a means of help but there is still a willingness to assist abandoned children, one may find dedicated portals and websites managed by volunteers, who gather tangible and intangible aid for kids.

How can you help? Everyday volunteers of Otkazniki.by (the website mentioned below) collect products which are further distributed among places where unwanted babies are kept. Volunteers need second hand apparel, building materials and varnishes to forward them to orphanages and hospitals. You can also help financially sending a donation to the account indicated on the website. In this case volunteers will purchase all the needed products.

The website http://otkazniki.by and its associated Facebook page are constantly updated with received amounts of money and lists of new items with photographs serving as a proof of purchase.

For those families who, regardless the complexity of adoption procedure, are still willing to welcome a kid, there is a website Dadomu.by which facilitates the whole process.

Useful links:

Portal dadomu.by:


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Video-report on the situation with Belarusian foundlings on Radio Svoboda:


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