Search and rescue brigade “Angel”


Search and rescue brigade “Angel”

Over the last 3 years the search and rescue brigade “Angel” led by Serghei Kovgan found more than 400 missing people. Many of them were children and elderly persons.  The brigade organizes search of missing people both in cities and forest belts. The team is composed of trained volunteers whose assistance is often sought by the Ministry of Internal affairs of Belarus. Social pages of the project are liked and followed by more than 50 000 people. The project has already won several prizes as the best social idea in Belarus.

However, the brigade has no permanent sponsors. The entire activity is sustained thanks to donations of volunteers and internal sources.

The brigade needs all kinds of support: from your participation as a volunteer/professional (divers, doctors, physiologists are always welcome to the team) and up to purchase of search equipment (compasses, GPS-systems, lanterns etc.).

You may donate money directly. To learn more please have a look at the following pages:

Official website of the project:


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