Meeting of Belarusians of the world «GLOBAL BELARUSIAN MEETING»


From June 29 to July 1, 2016, a meeting of Belarusians of the world «GLOBAL

BELARUSIAN MEETING» was organized in Vilnius by the Eastern Europe Studies

Centre in partnership with the Global Belarusian Leaders.


The official opening took place in Vilnius Town Hall and was accompanied by an

exhibition of Belarusian art.



A series of panels and discussions devoted to common history of Lithuania and

Belarus since the times of the Grand Dutchy of Lithuania, European identity,

cultural policy of Belarus and the restoration of cultural and historical unity in

the region instigated live discussions among the guests. Particular attention was

paid to deepening the intercultural dialogue between Belarus and Europe.

During the event one could visit the exhibitions of Belarusian artists and

photographers, screenings of Belarusian films, as well as an exhibition of

monographs and books.



The event was attended by representatives of the international community,

writers, social activists, philosophers and artists.

The meeting ended with the performance by the Belarussian band «RECHA».

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