Theatre for kids ‘ROND’


Development strategy for the children’s theatre initiative

through the theatre for kids ‘ROND’

The theatre for kids ‘ROND’ was established at the Young Pioneer Palace in Oktyabrsky the district, Minsk, on 1 February, 1983. Since 1988 ‘ROND’ has been on the road*. The theatre had to change its location several times moving from cellars and premises of numerous districts of Minsk and holding strong thanks to its performances. Our call for help was heard in Moscow (to which Minsk was subordinate in that period) after an article published in the magazine ‘Ogonek’.

‘ROND’ was also known to the Institute for artistic education of the USSR thanks to its participation in many festivals held in Moscow during which the troupe was distinguished as genuine and distinctive. As a result, the Ministry of Education of Belarus was delegated by Moscow to offer ‘ROND’ an opportunity to grow and create. That’s how the theatre got its place at the Youth Palace of Minsk where it was located for the next 15 years. After that ‘ROND’ had to move to the Center of extracurricular education ‘Evrika’ and later to the Center of youth creativity in the Frunzensky district. Finally at the end of 90-ies ‘ROND’ got detached from the state system and became the first private theatre for kids in Belarus. The theatre was sustained thanks to financial contribution of parents and in 2009 moved to its own premises (55 m2) located in Pritytskogo str., 75.

Thanks to financial sponsorship our premises are now being converted into a small professional studio equipped with all necessary light- and sound systems and a tiny audience area (20 chairs). Considered a very limited space, the spot will follow the concept of the ‘theatre in a box’ and this is also how the scenery will be formed.

Our mission:

-promote culture among children and adults;

-involve the society into solving topical cultural goals.

In order to influence on cultural processes within the country we need premises which would enable us to:

-offer training to all interested kids (the current premises allow us to work with max. 60 children)

-host workshops, seminars and creative meetings

-conduct festivals

-invite and host foreign troupes

The kids theatre ‘ROND’ is a unique non-commercial project main functions of which are development of identity in a person through involving them into theatre activities (as actors, costume- and decoration-makers and so on) and spreading of humanitarian ideas in the society. Our activity does not aim at obtaining short-term material benefits. We want to create a stable material background for sustainable development of children’s theatre movement in Belarus.

The price for the desired premises arises to 600 000 USD. So far we have been able to collect 200 000 USD. We will be grateful for any sponsorship (both anonymous and disclosed) and are ready to account for efficiency of our work in the future.


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Contact person: Tatsyana Yavorskaya

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