On November 30, 2013, GBL and a group of SATIO companies conducted a workshop on “Personal Effectiveness”



We want to see more GBL professionals!

The number of people seeking to establish their own business in Belarus is growing every year. It is important, because it is a world trend, reflecting the process of healthy development of society. Moreover, general age of entrepreneurs is constantly decreasing, indicating early formation of life values and priorities of the nation. Young Belarusian entrepreneurs are great in all aspects: active, ambitious, courageous and self-confident.

However, sometimes they lack deeper nuances of business skills or knowledge how to use them. Uladzislau Ivansky, the Chairman of the Board of directors of the group of SATIO companies, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Competition “Brand of the Year”, the director of the Association of professional marketing, and it is not the whole list of his titles, offered to share his knowledge and business experience at the workshop on “Personal Effectiveness”.


“We, as members of GBL, strive to be global Belarusian leaders but without any idea of what personal effectiveness means it is impossible to be a leader. In order to determine the terms and, perhaps, give new knowledge, I, a group of SATIO companies and GBL decided to conduct a workshop, targeting that.”


The workshop lasted more than five hours and was free. Tell me, what you gain from holding this charity event? “The benefit is not material, but moral. I want to see more professionals in GBL. Let’s assume this is my contribution to society. After all, we, businessmen, should be aware of our social responsibility.”


The form in which the workshop took place looked more like a cohesive team work rather than a lecture or a seminar at the Institute. Three cases, to solve which the group had to work together, united the participants so much that they, despite their everyday activities, were prepared to go to a cafe to continue talking after the completion of the training! And to top that, most of the participants did not know each other in the morning.

Interesting thoughts of Uladzislau were picked up by the young people, processed and became the subject of the heated debate about why it is difficult to start a business in Belarus, what prevents that, why young guys prefer to go abroad to start their businesses. Many problems came up: from the lack of initiative from the negligent government and complicated tax system to mentality and fear of change.

Several reviews from the participants

Sergei, a lawyer: “The workshop was interesting. A lot of useful information, great presentation. I think everyone learned something new and expanded their horizons. It is important not to forget to apply this knowledge in practice, then success will come.”


Dmitry, businessman, company Malamoute: “Impressions are positive, learned a lot, met interesting people. Big thanks to Uladzislau and GBL, you, guys, are great! ”

Andrei, Company LLC “Novakom Group”, “This training is very useful, I must say! We need to meet more often in such fashion not only to meet new people and gain new knowledge, but also to systematize the existing knowledge as well.”

The event ended with a pleasant surprise when the group of SATIO companies and GBL decided to present the certificates of completion of the workshop “Personal Effectiveness” to all participants and invited everyone to participate in future similar initiatives.


Irina Krasovskaya & Vitali Saiko

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