About GBL

GBL | Global Belarusian Leaders is a high impact global network of talented professionals affiliated to Belarus. It is a non-profit, politically neutral and open organization.

Mission and Network Affiliates

GBL is seeking to connect and involve Belarusian offshore population and Belarusian citizens who are willing to contribute to the continued economic, political, social, and cultural development in Belarus through global engagement.

GBL invites participation from any accomplished professional who has something to contribute to redefining and strengthening Belarus’ place in a globalized world. GBL coordinates and promotes networks of talented individuals from all over the world by providing virtual access to a community of businesspersons, scientists, government officials, civil servants, scholars, sport professionals and artists — all of whom identify with Belarus in some way.

We are building a truly global network for Belarus, which is equally important to Belarus based organizations and individuals who are pursuing global opportunities, as well as citizens of other countries who have an affinity and interest in Belarus and related connections.

As we look to the future, building strong relationship with successful leaders of different industries is essential to GBL’s growth. We welcome opportunities to explore new mutually beneficial partnerships with institutions and individuals of various skills and experiences.