GBL co-organizes the 10th USB rally


GBL is pleased to announce that it became the co-organizer of the 10th annual United Students of Belarus rally. USB Rally brings together active Belarusian youth motivated to share ideas and experiences and to contribute to the future of Belarus.

I you are 18-35 years old Belarusian studying in Belarus or abroad or a USB Rally alumnus (a student who participated in previous USB Rallies), please click HERE to apply and learn more about the details.

We look forward to greeting you at the 10th USB Rally!

GBL Became One of the Sponsors of the Public Scholarship named after A. Smolich


GBL has become one of the sponsors of the public scholarship named after A. Smolich!

Scholarship named after Arkadz Smolich is the first national scholarship fund which is made up of donations from non-governmental organizations and individuals. Its winner is elected within open competition among talented students of Belarusian universities, colleges, and outstanding initiatives in the fields of culture, science, and social and public areas. In 2016, selective committee received more than 40 applications from Belarusian students.

Official page of the scholarship named after Arkadz Smolich:

Meeting of Belarusians of the world «GLOBAL BELARUSIAN MEETING»


From June 29 to July 1, 2016, a meeting of Belarusians of the world «GLOBAL

BELARUSIAN MEETING» was organized in Vilnius by the Eastern Europe Studies

Centre in partnership with the Global Belarusian Leaders.


The official opening took place in Vilnius Town Hall and was accompanied by an

exhibition of Belarusian art.



A series of panels and discussions devoted to common history of Lithuania and

Belarus since the times of the Grand Dutchy of Lithuania, European identity,

cultural policy of Belarus and the restoration of cultural and historical unity in

the region instigated live discussions among the guests. Particular attention was

paid to deepening the intercultural dialogue between Belarus and Europe.

During the event one could visit the exhibitions of Belarusian artists and

photographers, screenings of Belarusian films, as well as an exhibition of

monographs and books.



The event was attended by representatives of the international community,

writers, social activists, philosophers and artists.

The meeting ended with the performance by the Belarussian band «RECHA».

GBL channel on Youtube


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GBL & World Youth Forum


October 3-4, 2015:  GBL will be presented in the VIII edition of the International Youth Forum ‘The right to dialogue’ in Trieste, Italy.
The meeting will be attended by speakers from the USA, Canada, Russia, Albania, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Portugal and other countries. Belarus and GBL will be presented under the theme of Immigration & loss of identity.

The complete map of the speakers and their topics can be found here.

More information about the forum.

GBL and Minsk parla italiano meeting


On July 28, 2015, GBL and Minsk parla italiano held a joint meeting. The theme of the meeting was literary Italian, the dialect of the Veneto region and historical features of Italian dialects overall. The lecture was conducted by Maryia Anishchankava, professional interpreter residing in Italy and co-founder of GBL. Maryia outlined the peculiarities of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, main features of Italian education, interpreter’s daily routine and development of client base.
The presentation from the lecture can be found on the Facebook page of Minsk parla italiano.

“HONAR” apparel


Belarusian apparel ‘HONAR’

For many people being a Belarusian means wearing clothing with Belarusian prints reflecting our traditional style and cultural scent. Lately this tendency has adopted a massive impact. One may see more and more people in Belarus wearing apparel decorated with Belarusian ornaments.

The designers of the brand ‘HONAR’ have already established their reputation in the field of apparel offering to Belarusian trend-followers a wide range of items adorned with national ornaments. Most of the articles are handmade.

Recently the brand has opened a new show-room located in Kujbysheva 22, room 106 (Minsk). Here all the interested people may see the handmade items as well as learn more about the brand.

‘HONAR’ official facebook page:

Official website (under development).

Search and rescue brigade “Angel”


Search and rescue brigade “Angel”

Over the last 3 years the search and rescue brigade “Angel” led by Serghei Kovgan found more than 400 missing people. Many of them were children and elderly persons.  The brigade organizes search of missing people both in cities and forest belts. The team is composed of trained volunteers whose assistance is often sought by the Ministry of Internal affairs of Belarus. Social pages of the project are liked and followed by more than 50 000 people. The project has already won several prizes as the best social idea in Belarus.

However, the brigade has no permanent sponsors. The entire activity is sustained thanks to donations of volunteers and internal sources.

The brigade needs all kinds of support: from your participation as a volunteer/professional (divers, doctors, physiologists are always welcome to the team) and up to purchase of search equipment (compasses, GPS-systems, lanterns etc.).

You may donate money directly. To learn more please have a look at the following pages:

Official website of the project:


Abandoned kids in Belarus


According to the official data there are more than 20.000 kids in Belarus who are in need of adoption and who are currently located in orphanages, hospitals and professional foster families.

Unfortunately, every year this number increases and there are many reasons for that:

- in Belarus the life conditions are far from being easy. Add to this economic instability and high rate of unemployment to complete the picture;

- the legal procedure of adoption is very tangled both for foreigners and Belarusians;

- support offered by the government to the families aiming to adopt is limited.

When adoption is not considered as a means of help but there is still a willingness to assist abandoned children, one may find dedicated portals and websites managed by volunteers, who gather tangible and intangible aid for kids.

How can you help? Everyday volunteers of (the website mentioned below) collect products which are further distributed among places where unwanted babies are kept. Volunteers need second hand apparel, building materials and varnishes to forward them to orphanages and hospitals. You can also help financially sending a donation to the account indicated on the website. In this case volunteers will purchase all the needed products.

The website and its associated Facebook page are constantly updated with received amounts of money and lists of new items with photographs serving as a proof of purchase.

For those families who, regardless the complexity of adoption procedure, are still willing to welcome a kid, there is a website which facilitates the whole process.

Useful links:



Video-report on the situation with Belarusian foundlings on Radio Svoboda:

Theatre for kids ‘ROND’


Development strategy for the children’s theatre initiative

through the theatre for kids ‘ROND’

The theatre for kids ‘ROND’ was established at the Young Pioneer Palace in Oktyabrsky the district, Minsk, on 1 February, 1983. Since 1988 ‘ROND’ has been on the road*. The theatre had to change its location several times moving from cellars and premises of numerous districts of Minsk and holding strong thanks to its performances. Our call for help was heard in Moscow (to which Minsk was subordinate in that period) after an article published in the magazine ‘Ogonek’.

‘ROND’ was also known to the Institute for artistic education of the USSR thanks to its participation in many festivals held in Moscow during which the troupe was distinguished as genuine and distinctive. As a result, the Ministry of Education of Belarus was delegated by Moscow to offer ‘ROND’ an opportunity to grow and create. That’s how the theatre got its place at the Youth Palace of Minsk where it was located for the next 15 years. After that ‘ROND’ had to move to the Center of extracurricular education ‘Evrika’ and later to the Center of youth creativity in the Frunzensky district. Finally at the end of 90-ies ‘ROND’ got detached from the state system and became the first private theatre for kids in Belarus. The theatre was sustained thanks to financial contribution of parents and in 2009 moved to its own premises (55 m2) located in Pritytskogo str., 75.

Thanks to financial sponsorship our premises are now being converted into a small professional studio equipped with all necessary light- and sound systems and a tiny audience area (20 chairs). Considered a very limited space, the spot will follow the concept of the ‘theatre in a box’ and this is also how the scenery will be formed.

Our mission:

-promote culture among children and adults;

-involve the society into solving topical cultural goals.

In order to influence on cultural processes within the country we need premises which would enable us to:

-offer training to all interested kids (the current premises allow us to work with max. 60 children)

-host workshops, seminars and creative meetings

-conduct festivals

-invite and host foreign troupes

The kids theatre ‘ROND’ is a unique non-commercial project main functions of which are development of identity in a person through involving them into theatre activities (as actors, costume- and decoration-makers and so on) and spreading of humanitarian ideas in the society. Our activity does not aim at obtaining short-term material benefits. We want to create a stable material background for sustainable development of children’s theatre movement in Belarus.

The price for the desired premises arises to 600 000 USD. So far we have been able to collect 200 000 USD. We will be grateful for any sponsorship (both anonymous and disclosed) and are ready to account for efficiency of our work in the future.


You may get in touch with the organizer through:




Contact person: Tatsyana Yavorskaya

GBL help and assistance initiative


We are glad to announce a new initiative intended to spread the word about non-political projects that may be of interest to the Belarusian community and that may need their help. Our goal is to assist projects and charitable organizations that seek to promote Belarusian culture and improve the social environment within the country. We will attempt to inform the GBL community of such projects so that both Belarusians living in their motherland and abroad may have the opportunity to contribute to shared efforts that benefit their country.

* We do not collect funds. We simply select and publicize the most interesting ideas.
You may find more info on our page Projects.

GBL: IT related dinner in Vilnius


Dear Friends,

The biggest IT conference in Baltics called LOGIN will take place in Vilnius on April 10-11.

In relation to this event, GBL will  host an IT related dinner. We invite Belarusian IT specialists in Lithuania and their Lithuanian colleagues interested in Belarusian connections and guests from Belarus who are going to present their start-ups during the LOGIN.

In the evening you will have a chance to learn more about GBL, ask questions regarding the IT sector in Lithuania, get to know each other and have a nice dinner.


April 10 at 20:00 at La Boheme (Šv.Ignoto g. 4/3, Vilnius) in a white room.

Please, come and enjoy a great company!

Joint our event on Facebook!

Official GBL registration


Dear Friends,

We are glad to announce that on March 12, 2014, Global Belarusian Leaders was officially registered as a Public Organization in Registro Centras in Vilnius, Lithuania.

On November 30, 2013, GBL and a group of SATIO companies conducted a workshop on “Personal Effectiveness”



We want to see more GBL professionals!

The number of people seeking to establish their own business in Belarus is growing every year. It is important, because it is a world trend, reflecting the process of healthy development of society. Moreover, general age of entrepreneurs is constantly decreasing, indicating early formation of life values and priorities of the nation. Young Belarusian entrepreneurs are great in all aspects: active, ambitious, courageous and self-confident.

However, sometimes they lack deeper nuances of business skills or knowledge how to use them. Uladzislau Ivansky, the Chairman of the Board of directors of the group of SATIO companies, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Competition “Brand of the Year”, the director of the Association of professional marketing, and it is not the whole list of his titles, offered to share his knowledge and business experience at the workshop on “Personal Effectiveness”.


“We, as members of GBL, strive to be global Belarusian leaders but without any idea of what personal effectiveness means it is impossible to be a leader. In order to determine the terms and, perhaps, give new knowledge, I, a group of SATIO companies and GBL decided to conduct a workshop, targeting that.”


The workshop lasted more than five hours and was free. Tell me, what you gain from holding this charity event? “The benefit is not material, but moral. I want to see more professionals in GBL. Let’s assume this is my contribution to society. After all, we, businessmen, should be aware of our social responsibility.”


The form in which the workshop took place looked more like a cohesive team work rather than a lecture or a seminar at the Institute. Three cases, to solve which the group had to work together, united the participants so much that they, despite their everyday activities, were prepared to go to a cafe to continue talking after the completion of the training! And to top that, most of the participants did not know each other in the morning.

Interesting thoughts of Uladzislau were picked up by the young people, processed and became the subject of the heated debate about why it is difficult to start a business in Belarus, what prevents that, why young guys prefer to go abroad to start their businesses. Many problems came up: from the lack of initiative from the negligent government and complicated tax system to mentality and fear of change.

Several reviews from the participants

Sergei, a lawyer: “The workshop was interesting. A lot of useful information, great presentation. I think everyone learned something new and expanded their horizons. It is important not to forget to apply this knowledge in practice, then success will come.”


Dmitry, businessman, company Malamoute: “Impressions are positive, learned a lot, met interesting people. Big thanks to Uladzislau and GBL, you, guys, are great! ”

Andrei, Company LLC “Novakom Group”, “This training is very useful, I must say! We need to meet more often in such fashion not only to meet new people and gain new knowledge, but also to systematize the existing knowledge as well.”

The event ended with a pleasant surprise when the group of SATIO companies and GBL decided to present the certificates of completion of the workshop “Personal Effectiveness” to all participants and invited everyone to participate in future similar initiatives.


Irina Krasovskaya & Vitali Saiko

First official presentation of GBL in Belarus


Yesterday we presented the Global Belarusian Leaders project for the first time in Belarus. It happened as a part of the International Entrepreneurship Week with the support of Bel.Biz at the «Imaguru» business club. There we announced the dates of the beginning and the operating principles of the Adviser’s Program.

In addition, it was announced about the participation of GBL in the project “Leaders to Children”, which aims to help Belarusian orphans.

As a part of the presentation we conducted an online discussion on Skype with one of the founders of GBL located in the United States, during which we discussed the themes of cooperation, as well as the examples of real interaction among GBL members resulting in joint projects and achievements of tangible results!

We were pleased that the event was attended by the people who became interested in the project. Our shared enthusiasm allowed us to make new acquaintances, as well as discuss aspects of participation in joint projects. The participants of the event were interested in  practical aspects of cooperation within GBL and the opportunity to join the organization.

GBL is the first attempt to connect Belarusian professionals around the world, establish contacts   and open and free interaction among them, develop entrepreneurship and innovation with an emphasis on the combination of loyalty to Belarusian people with a vision of Belarus as a constructive and integrated member of the European and international community.

The Calendar of GBL Events can be found here.

We invite you to join our group on Facebook!

Global Belarusian Leaders and By-ROOM


Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 3.07.38 PM

Dear friends,

On 28-29 November 2013, By-ROOM, a meeting of Belarusian social activists will take place in Vilnius. There you will not only have a chance to talk with Belarusian activists, get to know about their activities, visit the photo exhibition, watch the latest movies and videos, but also follow Civil Forum of the Eastern Partnership, which will be broadcasted live.

The program of By-ROOM will include the Fair of various public organizations, where GBL will actively participate in the first block of the Fair from 11 to 14 o’clock on November 28. The event will be held at:

Hotel Novotel
Vilnius Lithuania

Please, come and learn about the newest activities of GBL and ask the founders questions about the organization.

Admission is free.

You can find dditional information about the event By-ROOM here.

We’ll be happy to see you on November 28 in Vilnius!

Workshop “Personal Effectiveness”



Dear friends,

Global Belarusian Leaders & Group of Companies SATIO Companies invites you to the workshop “Personal Effectiveness”, which is organized for the participants of GBL and will be held 30 November 2013 from 10:00 to 17:00 at:

15 Karl Marx Street
4th floor
Group of Companies SATIO

We will be very glad to see you on November 30!


Global Belarusian Leaders

Global Belarusian Leaders and GEW.BY


Global Network of Professional Advancement Seminar as a part of the Global Enterpreneurship Week, November 22 at 11:00 – 13:00.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 11.46.36 AM

Come and expand your professional relations, establish business contacts and learn about GBL Adviser’s program, creating new opportunities for professional growth globally.

See more here:

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 11.44.33 AM

GBL on Belsat


We invite you to watch the program “Two by Two” about GBL on the channel Belsat and learn more about the organization Global Belarusian leaders. The interview is very sharp. Enjoy!

Note: the program is in Belarusian language.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 8.46.03 PM

Belarus Digest about GBL


We are glad to share the article about GBL in Belarus Digest. Belarus Digest provides non-partisan analysis of Belarus-related events written by Belarusians.

Global Belarusian Leaders Plan To Unite Successful Emigrants

by Vadzim Bylina

Global Belarusian Leaders organisation (GBL) came into existence at the end of August in Vilnius, Lithuania. The founders propose an alternative to the conventional Belarusian emigre networks and seek to unite immigrants who will be able to give their country a hand during the period of its political and economic transformation.

The organisation is going to recruit new members among young and perspective Belarusian professionals all over the world. Several young Belarusians living abroad are the founders of the organisation. Emigrating in the 2000s, and not being able to fulfil their potential in Belarus, they intend to influence the country of their origin by creating a network of professionals with Belarusian roots and those affiliated with Belarus.

A Belarusian project born in Lithuania

On August 31, the founding meeting of the non-commercial, non-partisan organisation Global Belarusian Leaders (GBL) took place at Vilnius City Hall. GBL aims to build a global network of accomplished professionals from Belarus and those affiliated with Belarus. The founders of the organisation claim that it seeks to connect and involve the Belarusian population living outside of Belarus in contributing to the economic, political, social and cultural development of Belarus.

When speaking about the future of GBL, Tatsiana Kulakevich, one of the founders and a local representative of the organisation in the USA, sees it as an association of professionals who will be able to give their country a hand during the period of its political and economic transformation.

According to one of the GBL founders Mikalai Tsimashenka “the idea of GBL was met with support and enthusiasm from different institutions particularly European Humanities University (EHU), German Marshall Fund of the US and Eastern Europe Studies Center (EESC). In addition to financial support EHU also offered venue for the founding meeting in Vilnius. All these organisations clearly see great potential of building a global professional network of Belarusians.”

The idea of GBL came from Lithuania. The organisers followed the example of the Global Lithuanian Leaders organisation (GLL) established in 2009. GLL connects Lithuanian professionals in different fields from all over the world by organising such activities as World Lithuanian Economic Forum and Global Lithuanian Awards. GLL also offers mentoring for Lithuania’s growing businesses and Lithuanian students abroad.

The founders of GBL met at one of the annual meetings of Belarusian students studying abroad called the United Students of Belarus Rally (USB Rally). The Rally has taken place annually in Lithuania since 2007 under the auspices of the Vilnius-based Eastern European Studies Centre (EESC) which works on the promotion of civil society and democracy in Eastern Europe. Every year the USB Rally gathers dozens of students originally from Belarus who are studying abroad, mostly in Poland and Lithuania, but also in Czech Republic, Russia, Italy, USA and other countries.

USB rally is a unique meeting for Belarus. Within six years, USB Rally created a network of students involved in Belarusian activities in the countries where they study. GBL is a first joint project of the USB Rally participants, most of whom graduated from Western universities and are living abroad. They were able to attract successful young entrepreneurs from Belarus and abroad, well-known athletes and artists like the poet Valeryja Kustava and musician Zmicier Vaiciushkevich to GBL’s founding meeting.

If the GBL founders would make an attempt to register the organisation in Belarus, surely, they would have problems. Officially, there is only one “Global Belarusian Leader” in the country and even the name of the organisation can raise the suspicions of the registration authorities. For that reason, same as many Belarusian NGOs, GBL would have to be registered in Lithuania. It makes the functioning of the organisation much easier. The representatives of the organisation would have an opportunity to receive financial aid from international partners circumventing restrictive Belarusian legislation on foreign aid.

Influencing Belarus from abroad

Most of the founders and local representatives of GBL live abroad. Growing up in Belarus, they left Belarus to study in the European Union and USA. It became a common phenomenon after the presidential election of 2006 when hundreds of students were subject to repression at their universities and many western schools offered scholarships for them. As a result, thousands of students left Belarus. Mostly to Poland and Lithuania, where the European Humanities University, a Belarusian university in exile, renewed its activity in 2006.

A majority of the students after graduation do not come back to Belarus and try to find work in countries where they studied. A permanent financial crisis and the political situation in the country are not at all attractive to young people educated in the West.

Belarusians are going abroad not only to studying, but also to work. According to various estimates, from 200 thousand to 1 million Belarusian citizens are permanently living and working outside of Belarus. Moreover, according to a survey by the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Studies, 35.6% of Belarusians want to leave the country for different reasons. In these circumstances, GBL has all the opportunities to become a huge network of Belarusians abroad.

Belarusians, residing abroad and making careers in business, science or IT-industry very rarely take part in activities of conventional émigré associations that were established after the Second World War with the main idea to retain national traditions and to make a network of Belarusians throughout a particular city or a country.

GBL proposes another theory for its network. As the name implies, GBL intends to unite Belarusians all over the world with the main goal is to expand international ties and relationships, as well as establishing business contacts between Belarusians living abroad. In other words, instead of building churches and organising folk festivals, the new wave of Belarusian émigrés aims to help each other to make money and, thereby, increase their ability to promote their interests inside Belarus.

Evidence of this trend can be seen in the events the organisation plans to hold in 2013-2014. The GBL will cooperate with BelBiz in a workshop “GBL as a platform for professional connections” during the Global Entrepreneurship week in Minsk in November 2013. Lithuanian representatives plan to run the conference “Belarusian Business in Lithuania: Perspectives.” Moreover, GBL will have their representatives at the Eastern Partnership Summit and the 24th Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdroj (Poland).

It is too early to predict whether GBL will succeed. The obvious fact, however, is that latest members of the Belarusian diaspora have a huge potential to become a power that can influence Belarus now and even more so in the future. Such initiatives as GBL propose alternative ways to unite Belarusian immigrants globally.

Moreover, both immigrants and the country they left can benefit from GBL. Being united on a global level can help immigrants prosper, which, in turn will make a positive image of the country and, potentially, create an opportunity to improve the economic, political, social and cultural development of the country of their origin. Maryia Anishchankava, one of the founders and a local representative in Italy is hopeful that “within 5 years GBL will become a hub for Belarusians spread around the globe who want to grow personally and professionally..”

GBL Founding Meeting (video)


We are very happy to share the video from the founding meeting of GBL. Enjoy! Watch here: GBL Founding Meeting

ehu_gbl-100 copy

Calendar of Events



- Meeting and class of Italian with Minsk parla italiano,  July 28 2015, Minsk, Belarus.

- “Personal Effectiveness” Workshop with SATIO group November 2014, Belarus.

- “GBL as a platform for professional connections” as a part of the Global
Entrepreneurship Week by BelBiz ( November 22, 2013, Belarus.

- “Belarus on the Global Map” Scientific Conference at Rutgers University, NJ March
27, 2014, United States.

- “Belarusian Business in Lithuania: Perspectives” February 2014, Lithuania.


- The People’s United Nations (pUN) – Representing Belarus
(’s-un-pun) November 23-24,
2013 (United States).

- Summit meeting of the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus,
Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) and the EU scheduled to be held in Vilnius
on November 28-29, 2013. (Lithuania).

- 24th Economic Forum (2014) in Krynica-Zdroj, September 2014, Poland.

- World Youth Forum, 8th edition – October 2-4, 2015, Trieste, Italy.

GBL founding meeting in Vilnius was held on 31 August, 2013


The founding meeting of a non-commercial, non-partisan organization Global Belarusian Leaders (GBL) took place in the very heart of Lithuania – the City Hall of Vilnius on the 31 of August 2013.

Official video:

GBL Founding Meeting


GBL aims at development of trust and establishment of contacts between Belarusian professionals, representatives of Belarusian business, science, sports and other fields.

The main goal of the project is to unite all successful Belarusians into a unique network to enforce professional cooperation and collaboration through the development of the Advisor’s Program, reinforcing contacts between the leaders in different fields, and organization of local meetings and events, and creating closer networks of GBL members located in different countries.


It took one year to get prepared for the founding meeting. During that period the founders of GBL got to know dozens of successful leaders with Belarusian roots or affiliated to Belarus through their professional activity.

At the beginning of August, 2013, the working group of GBL had a list of about 40 guests, among which were outstanding Belarusian sportsmen, businessmen, scientists, representatives of Belarusian IT, tourism and culture.


The meeting was divided into two parts. The first part was dedicated to the discussion of the structure, goals and future GBL activities and took place on the campus of European Humanities University. The second part, focused on the official establishment and functioning of the organization, was held in the City Hall of Vilnius.

The spacious hall of the building was completely occupied by the guests and participants of the morning workshops and the participants of the United Students of Belarus initiative, established by the Eastern Europe Studies Center.

Among the guests were also the representatives of the diplomatic body of Lithuania, public activists and Belarusian journalists.


GBL received congratulations and birthday wishes from the ambassador of Lithuania in Belarus, Evaldas Ignatavicius, the president of Global Lithuanian Leaders Dalia Petkeviciene, Belarusian poet Valeria Kustova and many others.


The founding meeting ended by signing of the project of the Statute of the organization and an informal evening meeting during which the guests were able to exchange their professional contacts and get to know each other better.


Founding Meeting on the 31st of August 2013



Who: Leading professionals and active young people from Belarus and abroad.

Where: Vilnius, Lithuania

When: August 31, 2013

Financial conditions: possibility to cover accommodation and travel expenses

Deadline: August 1, 2013

On August 31, 2013, you will have an opportunity to become a part of the project Global Belarusian Leaders, which is aimed at sharing experiences and expanding professional contacts among the participants. You will be able to meet famous Belarusian businessmen, scientists, sportsmen, as well as ambassadors of European countries.

Application: download this document, fill in the required information and send it to the address Selection of participants will be based on the motivation to participate in the project. The number of participants is limited, the results will be announced on August 5.

Contact Information:

Welcome to our new site!


We are glad to announce the launch of a new website of ours.

We are still in the process of improving the site, so should you have any comments or notice and drawbacks, please let us know. Thank you!